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I am one of the first sleep consultants in the U.S. I have been working as a full time Sleep Consultant non-stop for over 15 years. My experience is unmatched and my approach is unique and it works – if you work it.

My specialties

Developmental readiness in regards to sleep
Understanding the challenges and the advantages at each stage of development
Attachment theory and the secure bond – once you have done the work of putting this in place, my program will strengthen the bond.
My understanding and approach to the cry is unlike any other consultant out there. (this deserves its own page or something I do believe)

In the last 5 years with so many new sleep consultants, over 25% of my clients have already worked with one of them and left unsatisfied and unable to sustain sleep.
Most of the new consultants have been trained by one of the original consultants. When you work with me you do not get an associate or trainee.

After working with me you will not only sleep but you will have a richer experience of the following
Confidence in your parenting
Restored sanity
Peace of mind
Reassurance that you can hold onto the sleep you have found.

Together we will co-create the best emotional and physical environment for sleep success for your entire family.

All of My Sleep Packages Include:

  • Assessment of my custom questionnaire
  • Link to downloadable questionnaire and forms in confirmation email.
  • One hour phone conversation
  • Custom step by step written sleep plan
  • Supportive articles and research
  • My one of a kind research backed Cry Reduction Program.
  • The process not only supports the bond, it strengthens it.
  • Extensive scientific support on attachment theory and strengthening the bond
  • Extensive preparation support
  • Clarification email on materials before you implement changes

The Core Sleep Plan

5 Months to 5 Years

Core Sleep Plan

A custom questionnaire and initial assessment of the sleep issues facing the family. I’ll provide an analysis and follow up with a telephone consultation, which can run up to 60 minutes, a written sleep plan, and supporting articles and research.


The Complete Solution

5 Months to 5 Years

The Complete Sleep Solution

The most extensive support!   After an initial analysis of your questionnaire, a 60-minute telephone session follows. I’ll develop a personalized, written, sleep plan for your child with supporting articles and research. Once you begin I provide you with live telephone support—two calls!

Getting Off To The Right Start

Birth To 5 Months

Getting Off To The Right Start

This package covers two crucial stages of development and aids in understanding and achieving exactly what is to be accomplished as far as sleep and attachment is concerned. Given the importance of laying a foundation for healthy sleep habits, the plan includes 4 support calls (30-minutes each) to be used over a 4 month period.

The Sleep Consultation is for children who had healthy sleep patterns and got off the path. They were able to go from sleepy to asleep on their own, but something has gone wrong. It is a one hour consultation and not a step by step written sleep plan.

Sleep Consultation

Sleep Consultation

The Consultation — $130 – All Ages
This package can be enough for families to achieve healthful sleep patterns. The focused sessions begin with the parent identifying the issues they wish to address. I analyze the information, probe for other problems, and provide a plan of action. Although supportive articles are included, the solution is verbal, not a step by step written plan. The phone appointment is 60-minutes and the entire process is approximately two hours. Additional support calls are available if needed.

I have the solutions that will help you and your family sleep through the night peacefully and soundly!


Click Here to Schedule Your FREE 15-minute Sleep Consultation!

Schedule With Eileen and Get Some Sleep!

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